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Enjoying the weather (:
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Enjoying the weather (:
Follow me on instagram @ jakedevine27 if you want (:

In the beginning, god said, “the four dimensional diversions of an anti-symmetric second rank tensor equals zero’” and then there was light.

I’m not saying I’m better than your god but..

I’m not saying I’m better than your god but I’m just saying, if i was all powerful, I would probably make plants and crops grow of something like say, children’s laughter, not water which a lot of people seem to lack..

But fuck it

Nothing’s more “all loving and all caring” than starving children hey?

"You can’t prove god doesn’t exi.." SHUT THE FUCK UP!

There is no single phrase that pisses me off more than, “but you can’t prove god doesn’t exist.”

You can’t prove I didn’t ride a seagull to the moon either.

You can’t prove I’m not a new species of tarantula/dragon hybrid from Pluto.

You can’t prove that Hitler’s ghost is not behind you right now riding a unicorn wearing a sombrero. You can’t see him but he’s there, trust me!

"Yes I can, that’s impossible and you’re a human!"

Nope. I said so, therefore it’s true. You can’t prove otherwise.

Maybe I’ll write a book about it too, that makes it officially true apparently

Follow me on Instagram: Jakedevine27

Follow me on Instagram: Jakedevine27

I made this mashup of epic movie quotes and heavy music

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Something’s Wrong With My Stereotype

I’m a kid that loves metal but:

- I’ve never smoked weed or done drugs
- Never been in a fight
- Worshipped satan a total of 0 times
- Went to college
- Finished high school with honours
- Never stolen an item or disturbed the peace

There is something wrong with my metal head stereotype

Follow me on instagram: Jakedevine27

Follow me on instagram: Jakedevine27

New Model: Not Quite as Good as Last Years

I hate when companies or bands come out with new products and music and are always like, “This is the best _____ yet!”

Well of course it is. Or at least you will claim it is. You’re not gonna make something shittier than last time.

Take car companies for example:

"The redesigned Ford Focus is the best Focus we’ve ever built."

Well no shit. I don’t think the Ford developers are going to be like, “I really loved that feature on the Focus last year. Lets get rid of it.”

"The redesigned Ford Focus is alright! Not quite as good as last years model but still pretty good!"

Or take bands talking about their new albums:

"This is the best album we’ve ever made. You’re gonna love it."

Well of course you’re gonna try and progress and get better. I’d like to see a band talk about their new album like:

"This new album isn’t as good as our last one. We tried but it’s actually pretty shitty."

Half the time they actually are worse, I’d respect the honesty.